Monday, October 15, 2012

2012-13 NBA Blog Previews - This Time, No Lockout!

So, apparently this is a thing.

For two years running, late in the spring, with the NBA field whittled to the point where the ultimate prize is within everyone’s grasp, on the heels of an ode to a first-time-champ/Finals-MVP-to-be, I have embarked on a journey. In a literal sense, this usually involves recreational jaunts to Mexico and Las Vegas, but in realty, my annual pilgrimage delivers me to the proverbial edge of the earth, where – like the rat for whom the maze is almost… I fall over.

As it pertains to my work here (this site specifically, but really all internet locales), I question whether there is anything left to write. Scratch that. While continuing to watch and identify so much I’d like to say so much about, I perpetually sweat whether my capacity to effectively explore an idea has vanished – what with anything longer than a ‘graph-long work email requiring a strategy session, outline and 45 minutes of “crafting.”

Thankfully, however, the ability to punch out of this rut also appears to be a thing. Be it regular rereads of Aaron McGuire masterfully tackling writer’s block (by the way, if you’ve not read Gothic Ginobili’s player capsules from this summer, I give you Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose. You’re welcome. Now clear your calendar for the week), the continued support of the Forum Blue and Gold crew and community, Basketball Twitter, a fast-approaching NBA season and, well, the love of the game, I plod along.

Additionally, for the second consecutive year (of the seven that it’s been in existence), I am a part of the contingent of writers from home bases web-wide that united to create the 2012-13 NBA Blog Previews. Thanks again to CelticsBlog’s Jeff Clark for lending his considerable powers of organization to the project, and for once again inviting me to the shindig. As was the case a year ago, my contribution to the group focused on the Lakers. Whether or not you’ve checked out Mitch Kupchak at his baddest ass and a (hopefully valid) argument for why Kobe Bryant will not torpedo this star-studded production, check out the stellar work by my fellow members of the basketball blogosphere (while you're here, check mine out too, huh?):

Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics: CelticsBlog | Celtics Green | CLNS Radio
Brooklyn Nets: Nets Daily | Baller Mind Frame | Atlantic Twine
New York Knicks: Posting and Toasting
Philadelphia 76ers: Liberty Ballers
Toronto Raptors: Raptors HQ

Pacific Division
Golden State Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Los Angeles Clippers: Clips Nation | Gunnerz!
Los Angeles Lakers: Silver Screen and Roll | Hardwood Hype
Phoenix Suns: Bright Side of the Sun | ValleyoftheSuns
Sacramento Kings: Sactown Royalty

Central Division
Chicago Bulls: Blog A Bull
Cleveland Cavaliers: Waiting For Next Year | Fear The Sword
Detroit Pistons: Detroit Bad Boys
Indiana Pacers: Indy Cornrows
Milwaukee Bucks: Brew Hoop

Northwest Division
Denver NuggetsDenver Stiffs
Minnesota TimberwolvesCanis Hoopus | TWolvesBlog

NOTE: The publish dates for the previews comprising this series are staggered. Please stay tuned to this space for links to the remaining previews as they become available.

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