Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plays of the Week – Here They Stayed and NBA Owners Behaving Badly

This week, after an emotional roller coaster, Sacramento’s City Council approved a deal for a new arena that will keep the Kings in town for the long run. As a Laker fan, I’d like to offer sincere congratulations to the Cowbell Kingdom. 

While on a panel at the Sloan Conference, Mark Cuban slapped Bill Simmons with a “sophomoric joke” right out of the playbook of your average 14 year-old. Unfortunately for Cubes, he’s 52 and a billionaire.

From Searching for Slava, one of the best Lakers pieces you’ve read in a while.

An incredible breakdown of Boris Diaw's prowess in the arena of consumption, from Angelo from I Go Hard Now. A must.

Not new this week, but new to me: a fantastic look at the role of Young Money in Michael Jordan’s legacy.

12 years in, and Bill Simmons’ annual Trade Value piece is still a hell of a fun read. Part 1. Part 2.

On Sactown Royalty, a great look at trade possibilities for every NBA team that are decidedly not crazy. (East and West)

Dan Diamond’s debut effort at Truth About It is a strong one, examining the relationship between age and PER in the NBA, and the select company in which it places Cavs’ phenom Kyrie Irving.

Oh my, Donald Sterling. Stay classy, buddy.

Finally, at ClippersBlog, D.J. Foster examines the sustainability (or lack thereof) of the Clippers’ reliance on their brightest remaining bulb.

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