Monday, March 5, 2012

Plays of the Week – 100 Turns 50 and Jim Buss Continues To Terrify Laker Nation

Finding the Clippers less than likeable these days? You’re in good company. HoopSpeak's Beckley Mason delves into all that’s maddening about Blake and the Point God.

From’s Zach Lowe, an excellent breakdown of the difficulties that await the Dallas Mavericks in their quest to land both Dwight Howard and Deron Williams

I love mock drafts. Thing is, far too often mock drafts are merely lists of prospects. This, from Ball-O-Holics, is a mock draft.

In the latest installment of Searching for Slava’s Sager saga, our protagonist finds himself in Lakerland, hanging with a dude who’s name may (or may not) be Jim.

In a related story, the new head of the Lakers has “revamped” the organization, in part through the addition of Chaz, his personal bartender (okay, in fairness, it’s not his bartender. It’s a dude he buddied up with while killing time at the track. Cuz, y’know, that’s better) to the scouting department. Sadly, Chaz inspires more confidence throughout Lakerland than does Baby Buss.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin chatted with Phil Jackson about Michael Jordan’s epic “flu game.” A fascinating look back at one of the era’s great performances.

A staggeringlook back at one of the darkest incidents in NBA history, as told by witnesses and participants. An oral history of the Artest Melee, featuring Reggie Miller as Gob Bluth. C’mon, Reggie!!

Truly outstanding work by Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams.

is Rasheed Wallace primed for an NBA comeback? Did he ever really leave? A fantastic examination by Danny Chau.

At The Two-Man Game, Rob Mahoney wonders, as I have in the past, about where we draw the line between hoops and real life, specifically with Lamar Odom in mind.  

At Forum Blue & Gold, Darius (in a fantastic recap of a Lakers' W over the Timberwolves) shared some thoughts on the substation patterns of coach Mike Brown and the upcoming trade deadline. Soon after, the Rumor Mill was born.

Finally, as the most storied accomplishment in NBA history turned 50, Ken Berger sorted through the patchy, sometime contradictory accounts provided by those in attendance in Hershey in 1962. As usual, beautifully done.

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