Monday, March 12, 2012

How Do You Fight A Madman? Bracketology Edition

Less than 24 hours from now, March Madness will officially be upon us, as two titans of the hardwood, the Delta Devils of Mississippi Valley State and the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky University, lock horns for the right to be fed to the Wildcats Thursday evening.

If you are even an occasional visitor to this corner of the internet you are probably aware that the NBA purveys the lone flavor of hoops to which my palate is accustomed. Seriously, I have virtually no tolerance for this inferior level of ball, even at its highest elevation. This is (I think) the third consecutive NCAA basketball season in which I have entered the tournament able to count on one hand (maybe two) the hours I’ve spent watching the game’s finest “student athletes.”


As anyone that’s ever met me can attest, I do love my games accompanied by a healthy dollop of the betting, which mean, naturally… BRACKETS!

As you might imagine, given my apathy for college hoops, there is precious little (beyond my overall sports dorkiness) that separates me from the dude from IT that will win your office pool, based solely on mascot ferocity. It honestly tripped me out for a few minutes to learn that there are two SDSU’s in this year’s field.

Now, it is certainly not without strategy that I attack the field of 68 –I can tell you with great confidence that Rick Pitino will not see the tourney’s second weekend, and that Kentucky is good. Really, really good. Additionally, in honor of Laker great Michael Cooper, New Mexico State will log at least one victory, much to my wife’s delight Wisconsin will advance to the Sweet 16 (as I have selected Montana to bounce them in Round 1. Or 2. Whatever) and I will be picking UNLV to win no fewer than two games.

Beyond this, my bracket is a straight numbers game. Break down the matchups all you want, but don’t tell me we’re not seeing one #12 and one #13 this weekend, with at least one surviving to see Week 2. A #8 looking particularly enticing against a #9? Yeah, your bookie’ll love hearing that.

Anyway, before you set about filling out your bracket, check out this awesome graphic from Jen Rhee at, chock full of fun factoids and prevailing trends:

March Madness
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