Wednesday, January 4, 2012

20 Questions from the Association - Big Fun With Small Samples

Is it just me, or…

Even taking into account the extent to which Jason Kidd has come to rely on the spot up jumper, is it crazy to learn that a) all 11 of his 2011-12 field goals have been “assisted” and b) not one of them has come from inside the 3-point line?

Thanks to an awe-inspiring combination of inaccuracy (43.7% TS%, 31.9% eFG), selfishness (88.2% of made bucked “assisted,” v. Assist Rate of 5.63) and disregard for possession (15.75 TOR, v. league average of 10.67), is 2011-12 Corey Maggette- one of two NBAers playing 30+ minutes/game with a sub-8 APER (6.08!!)- running unopposed for “Worst Eight-Figure Player of All Time?”

Is Auston Daye, of the 24.5% TS, 22.7% eFG, 20.4% Turnover Rate, 3.5% Assist Rate, .17 Asst/TO and Adjusted PER of -4, the only obstacle between Maggette and “Worst Gainfully Employed Basketball Player”?

Unless he’s planning to shell out for a round-the-clock security detail, might Kevin Love want to stop devaluing David Stern’s, er, the Hornets’ 2012 first-rounder?

Is it frightening living in a world in which neither the Phoenix Suns nor the Golden State Warriors can manage 92 points per game?

Is it doubly frightening when in that world Jared Dudley is outshooting Steve Nash from both the field (41.3% to 40.4%) and 3-point range (33.3% to 31.6%)?

Might those among us inclined to the occasional wager be wise to monitor the Philadelphia 76ers just in case (small sample alert!) the league’s best eFG% differential (8.72%), Offensive Efficiency (106.5) and Off/Def Efficiency differential (10.1), second-best Defensive Efficiency (96.4), eFG (59.92%) and Defensive TS% (48.5%), and the only positive point differential (+10.3!) in their division- accumulated in four games out West- soon result in a significantly better-than-.500 record?

Does Leandro Barbosa’s 30.75 Usage Rate (seventh in the NBA, between Blake Griffin and Deron Williams) despite a 12.17 APER (v. league average of 14) tell you all you need to know about the Toronto Raptors’ approach (tankapalooza!) to the 2011-12 season?

Is Antawn Jamison’s ability to not only avoid the amnesty axe, but somehow maintain a starting job on an NBA team the most baffling development of the young season?

If you were Hasheem Thabeet, would you also customize an “82.3 PER” t-shirt and simply refuse to enter an NBA game for the remainder of the season?

Regardless of position, is there no excuse for making it five games and more than 140 minutes into a season without a single assist

Is it pretty silly that 10 days into the season, DeAndre Jordan is averaging more blocked shots (3.75) than any Sacramento King is averaging assists (Tyreke Evans top the list with 3 per game)?

Is laughing at Chris Bosh a lot less fun when the Heat have not one, not two… well, yeah, two viable (and Norris Cole is destined for much more) point guards and a healthy Udonis Haslem?

Did you also think that Ricky Rubio would be too small and offensively inefficient to become a quality NBA point guard during his rookie contract?

Did you also know that you were dead wrong within 90 seconds of seeing him run an NBA offense?

After an encouraging three-game start, did Brandon Jennings waste precious little time confirming (20 points on 9-35 FG, 0-11 3-pt, 3 FTA, 9 assists and 8 turnovers) that he is, in fact, who we… well, y’know.

Is your team anything but “super” when Bill Walker and Josh Harrellson are logging nearly 20% of your minutes while you await the dual saviors of a herniated Baron Davis and a rookie with 22 minutes (and a 3-for-13 performance) under his NBA belt?

Is Russell Westbrook, whose 32.81% Usage Rate trails those of only Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, making it awfully difficult for even his most ardent defenders to continue fighting the good fight?

While feeling terribly for Manu Ginobili, do you preemptively hate the Spurs for the totally unexpected way in which they will inevitably fill the void?

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