Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Early Thoughts On The Lakers 2011-12 Schedule

On Tuesday afternoon I joined a handful of NBA bloggers on Forum Blue & Gold to opine on matchups on the newly-released the Lakers’ 2011-12 regular season schedule that we found particularly intriguing. Here is my contribution to that piece:

The NBA released its schedule for the 2011-12 season. As usual, as far as the Lakers are concerned, there is no shortage of intriguing, high profile matchups. While I’ll be tuned in for every game against the Mavericks, Heat, Thunder, Bulls, Celtics and Spurs, another matchup caught my eye as I was spending some quality time with the schedule. As innocuous as it appears roughly a quarter of the way down the 82-game list, the Lakers’ December 9 visit to Charlotte encapsulates virtually every bugaboo of the past decade.

Beyond the baggage this team will drag into every arena in the coming season- new coach/system, advancing age, concerns about depth, an indifference to many games that is nothing short of uncanny- the Lakers have won just twice in seven tries at the Time Warner Cable Arena, one of those by a single point against the Bobs’ 2004-05 expansion squad. And while the 2011-12 Bobcats squad is hardly a contender, the roster is not short on legitimate NBA-caliber talent. Toss in the fact that the game will be the Lakers’ fifth in eight nights, with four of those on the road, and takes place the night after their lone visit of the regular season to South Beach, and that Friday in North Carolina begins to look especially treacherous.

Even when winning championships, this is exactly the type of game that Laker teams of the recent past have made a habit of losing. Given the humiliating end to last season and the clear fact that this will be a Laker team at a crossroads, this win would be hugely encouraging.

Click here to see the piece in its entirety, as it appears on Forum Blue & Gold.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Efficiency Experts

If you’re anything more than a casual fan, you are likely aware of the ongoing debate between proponents and detractors of the use of so-called advanced metrics in NBA analysis. Art vs. Science. Hell, sometimes it feels like Science v. Religion.

In one corner we have the willfully ignorant old guard, entrenched in the position that sports have long had all the statistics necessary to facilitate effective analysis. This camp will argue that the proliferation of advanced statistics “takes the fun out of the game” and that no amount of numerical data can take the place of actually watching the action. Keep all open flames away from those straw men, fellas.