Tuesday, April 19, 2011

20 Questions From The Association - Best. Weekend. EVER.*

Is it just me, or…

Is having the phenomenal weekend of playoff ball we just saw be followed immediately by Tax Deadline Day equivalent to waking up from a weekend of the greatest sex ever, to chlamydia?

Based on Chris Paul’s Game 1 performance against the Lakers- which, ignoring stakes (Finals, elimination game, etc) compares favorably with anything we’ve ever seen from Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan- should we retire the “value to his team” argument from all future MVP discussions?

After the way he closed out the Bulls’ two playoff opening scares (22 points on 60%+ FG in the 4th quarters) against the Pacers- complete with defense and passing in Game 1- averaging 37.5- 7- 6 and making 31 of 34 free throws along the way, does the “Derrick Rose is not the MVP and the stats say so” argument seem a bit less relevant?

Was Boston’s alley-oop to Kevin Garnett with 37 second remaining the epitome of a “chess vs. checkers” coaching moment?

For all the talk of how Pau Gasol disappeared in the Lakers’ Game 1 loss, should the team be thrilled with, and encouraged by, the effective, efficient performance (16 points on 4-8 FG, 2-3 3s and 6-6 FT, 11 rebounds and a team-best +/- of +3) turned in by Ron Artest?

Between hitting the decisive 3-pointer in a road playoff game against a top-seeded opponent and later welcoming a new baby girl into the world, did Shane Battier have the greatest day of his life on Sunday?

With Manu Ginobili in street clothes, are the Spurs the eighth scariest team in the Western Conference?

As well as the Pacers played on Saturday afternoon, are they going to need more than one player (Roy Hibbert with 8) to outrebound Derrick Rose (6) if they’re ever going to get that close to stealing a game again?

On the heels of Amar’e Stoudemire hitting six straight shots in six minutes and 
emasculating the Celtics’ front line, might Mike D’Antoni want to instruct his players to look for the team’s best player in the final three minutes of a nailbiter?

Is it staggering to think that the only double-digit Game 1 winner, the Atlanta Hawks, managed the feat while grabbing just one more offensive rebound as a team (5) than Jameer Nelson did by himself?

For all the abuse he endures when things are not going well, is Chris Bosh (23 points, 11.5 rebounds, 56.7% FG, 2 turnovers total) owed a little bit of love for being the Heat’s best performer to open the postseason?

Is Chauncey Billups’ early exit not exactly the worst thing that could have happened to the Knicks’ postseason run?

Did Dwight Howard’s eight turnovers and lone blocked shot (spectacular as it was) against the Hawks remove a lot of the luster from what should have been an epic 46 (16-23 FG, 14-22 FT) and 19 (13 offensive rebounds!)?

As the Spurs-Grizzlies series progresses, will we increasingly Mike Conley “out-Tony Parkering” Tony Parker?

Should the Denver Nuggets have more confidence than ever, since it took them shooting 25% from beyond the arc, J.R. Smith and Ty Lawson combining for just 19 points, 72 points from Durant and Westbrook and an embarrassing no-call on a blatant offensive basket interference for the Thunder to top them by a whopping four points?

Is it beyond inexcusable for Hedo Turkoglu, Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, J.J. Redick, Quentin Richardson, Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson- who were paid ~$60 million in 2010-11- to combine for 20 points in 157 minutes on the floor?

Could you have won a lot of money this summer betting that Mike Miller would suit up in the Heat’s first two playoff games, but play just six minutes and be outscored by Juwan Howard (3-0)?

Whether you hate KG or really hate KG, was his intentional trip, err, screen, of Toney Douglas- masterfully executed?

Should the Mavs be less than thrilled that it took 24 points (6-10 on 3s) from a guy that is now the offensive equivalent of Derek Fisher and a combined 12 points, on 6-of-23 from the field, from Gerald Wallace, Brandon Roy and Wesley Matthews to secure an eight-point win in their home playoff opener?

irrational, knee-jerk reactions the best part of playoff Game 1’s?

* Assumes the Lakers' playoff-opening loss was an anomaly.

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Weep not that the world changes - did it keep a stable, changeless state, it were a cause indeed to weep.