Tuesday, February 1, 2011

20 Questions From The Association - February Already?

Is it just me, or...

Considering the guy’s averaging of better than 22 points and 13 rebounds this season- and a Moses Malone-esque 25 points (on 63% FG) and 14.7 rebounds (4.6 offensive) in January- shouldn’t Dwight Howard’s bandwagon be more crowded than it is?

Given the way the past three decades have unfolded for the Clippers, is Ralph Lawler's ascendance to “the voice of League Pass” as improbable a development as the NBA has seen in ages?

Does the “Free Steve Nash” movement seem to ignore that a) the Suns’ priority is to make a good trade for themselves, not get Nash a ring, b) Nash doesn’t fit on any true contender and c) the man himself expressed no desire to be traded?

Between the joy of playing alongside Blake Griffin and the national exposure that goes with it, is there no happier player in the NBA these days than DeAndre Jordan?

In addition to being the most remarkable stats of the season thus far, does the Spurs’ use of a single starting lineup through 47 games suggest that a second half regression to the mean may be in order?

Is the fact that the Spurs have just five 5-man combinations with a negative +/- this season- none of which have been on the floor for more than 40 minutes or been outscored by more than 17 points- suggest that Gregg Popovich expects that regression too, and already has a plan to stave it off?

Regardless of where you stand on the merit Adjusted Player Efficiency Rating as a statistic, should the league’s second highest-paid player NEVER rank 13th from the bottom in something designed to provide comprehensive player assessment?

Is it pretty damn impressive that no 5-man unit that's taken the floor for the Miami Heat for more than 20 minutes this season has been outscored?

Are we a couple of weeks from the Denver Nuggets ending the Melo-drama by telling Carmelo “screw you, settle for less money in free agency” and sending him to a willing renter?

Based on his final 7:20 against the Celtics, does Kobe Bryant clearly not read TrueHoop

Are both Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough more athletic than when they were on Tobacco Road?

Given the league office’s treatment of Eddie House’s celebration in OKC, might Sam Cassell have wound up playing a couple seasons for free in today’s NBA?

Does the fact that Corey Brewer (-41), Kevin Love (-46), Luke Ridnour (-55), and Michael Beasley (-65) are four of the nine players with the league’s worst +/- in “crunch time” (less than 5:00 remaining, neither team ahead by more than 5) perfectly sum up the Timberwolves’ season?

Does the fact that five of the eleven worst “crunch time” +/-‘s belong to Memphis Grizzlies- Zach Randolph (-40), Rudy Gay (-41), O.J. Mayo (-45), Mike Conley (-49), and Marc Gasol (-50)- suggest that Lionel Hollins might want to look into shaking things up in late game situations?

Does Brook Lopez’s nice offensive season (19.5 ppg, 47.8% FG, 80% FT) not come close to making up for the fact that he’s grabbed more than eight rebounds in a game just five times, compared with three or fewer in 29+ minutes seven times?

Might the Milwaukee Bucks want to reconsider their slow-motion desecration of the game and pick up the pace a bit?

Can the Utah Jazz’s struggles be attributed to the simple fact that they just do not have very many good players?

With Caron Bulter out and Rodrigue Beaubois’ return date uncertain- not mention the accompanying concerns that he’s nowhere near game shape and still relatively unproven even when he is- is it going to take more than whatever’s left of Peja Stojakovic to return the Mavericks to contender status?

Between his nose for the ball and great energy in the paint, is drafting Ed Davis at #13 starting to look like a great value?

Is a 34 year-old point guard with no track record of winning, who’s been disgruntled everywhere he’s played as a pro the subject of an awful lot of trade chatter (as something more than a $7.3M expiring contract)?

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