Monday, February 28, 2011

20 Questions From The Association - Deadline Dizziness

Is it just me, or...

In light of recent events, might the Pistons’ refusal to trade Tayshaun Prince have been driven by spite as much as it was by a desire to retain his on-court production?

In addition to providing the credibility of an A-list superstar, does the acquisition of Deron Williams remove any and all excuses that Brook Lopez may have had for not continuing his development into a top-five center?

Might it be a questionable strategy for a legitimate title contender to trade a starting center that’s wildly popular in the locker room and arguably the league’s best post defender in exchange for an underachieving, free-agent-to-be ex-lottery pick, whose inconsistency is rivaled only by his inefficiency?

Will Danny Ainge have a tough time selling the excitement of cap flexibility in 2012 to a 41-15 team whose leaders are 33 (Paul Pierce), 34 (Kevin Garnett) and 35 (Ray Allen) years of age?

Is it going to be fascinating to see if Kendrick Perkins is the same tough-as-nails hardass playing alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as he was alongside Garnett and Pierce in Boston?

Is it going to be hilarious watching KG put on his tough guy act in the playoffs without Perkins there to back him up?

Is it about time Daryl Morey took some heat for aimlessly “accumulating assets,” never selling high on any of them and ultimately assembling one big supporting cast of a team, whose value as a whole falls short of the sum of its parts?

Might the creepy old dude in the time travel commercial with Kevin Durant- the one that informs teenage KD that he’ll one day share he floor in OKC with Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka, but makes no mention of Jeff Green- actually have been from the future?

Does playing each of his home games in front of more live bodies (20,630) than the Charlotte Bobcats average in TV viewership (reportedly ~18,000) virtually guarantee a return to All-Star form for Gerald Wallace?

Based on the extremely early returns, does it appear as though all the theorizing about Carmelo Anthony, both positive (top-five scorer, solid rebounder, unphased by the limelight, an additional spark for the Garden crowd) and negative (ball-stopper, incompatible with Amar’e, a bit of a volume scorer, questionable defensively), was right on the mark?

Is it hilarious to hear teams and fan bases talk themselves into whatever is left of Troy Murphy (2010-11: 18 GP, 3.6 ppg, 34% FG, 17% 3-pt, 38.9 TS%, APER 6.40) and Eddy Curry (74 minutes played in 10 games over the past two seasons) as possible postseason contributors?

Has Derrick Favors very quickly gone from being inexperienced and a “project,” to being under a significant amount of pressure to live up to his lofty draft status and trade value?

Does the sob story about Chauncey Billups having to leave his family in Denver overlook the fact that he’s unlikely to be gone more than a couple of months?

Is it patently absurd that a team with a top-five point guard would trade real assets- its capable, if currently underachieving backup and a first-rounder- for an undersized, inefficient head case like Aaron Brooks?

Is “masterful” the only way to describe the way in which Sam Presti addressed his team’s most glaring deficiencies (interior defense, defensive rebounding) with a team-first, battle-tested (still) young piece, without sacrificing any cap flexibility going forward?

Is Jordan Crawford, Mo Evans and a first-rounder an awfully steep price for the Atlanta Hawks to pay for the privilege of swapping Mike Bibby ($5.6M this season, $6.2M in 2011-12) for the more expensive ($9M this season, $8M in 2011-12) but equally washed-up Kirk Hinrich?

Does someone need to explain to David Kahn that a) his team is, in fact, still rebuilding, b) trades are best way for 14-43 small-market teams to use cap space to bolster their roster and c) Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry don’t count?

Now that he’s no longer being overhyped by Knicks fans, is Danilo Gallinari about to become a leaguewide fan favorite?

Between Shane Battier (>45% FG once in the past five years, 12.1 APER), Memphis’ 2011 first-round pick (late-teens in what’s expected to be a weak draft) and Hasheem Thabeet (one of the five worst draft picks in NBA history), is it awfully difficult to identify a desirable asset in the Rockets-Grizzlies deadline deal?

Was the acquisition of Carl Landry more a preemptive response to Davd West’s seemingly inevitable departure this summer than an attempt to strengthen the team heading into the playoffs?

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Dave M said...

Great piece. As for NJ though, I'd ask if an inevitably disgruntled Deron might end up being a better trade asset than acquisition? Might as well start the rumors before the ink's dry on his contract.