Sunday, January 16, 2011

20 Questions From The Association - Halfway Home

Is it just me, or…

Is the trend of well-compensated NBA players turning into indignant pricks and refusing to pay their gambling debts just as troubling as the NBA’s “gambling problem?”

With Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups both possibly heading out of Denver, is J.R. Smith about to become must-see TV?

Despite all the talk of just how “average” a player Caron Butler is, might the Mavericks want to show more of an interest in replacing his 15 ppg, 4 rpg and 1 spg with something?

Does Marcin Gortat get an awful lot of attention for a guy with six career starts and career averages of 4 ppg and 4.4 rpg?

Would it make more sense to give the #1 seed in the East a first-round bye than to allow one of the teams in spots 8-11 (Charlotte, Philly, Milwaukee and Toronto- all within three games of #8) into the playoffs?

Despite falling short against the Clippers, are the 2010-11 Miami Heat the best team you've ever seen at erasing a 20-point deficit?

Is there a legitimate case to be made for Blake Griffin as the best big man in the NBA?

Is LeBron James discovering that not only is karma a bitch, she’s kinda fickle too?

Considering his return from foot surgery is not expected to come for at least a couple more weeks, might Brandon Jennings want reconsider his participation in the slam dunk contest on February 19?

Is the Washington Wizards’ 0-19 road record- despite playing an Eastern Conference schedule- as improbable an achievement as any in the NBA thus far in the season?

Prior to this week, did you think Zach Randolph had as a good chance of winning a Pulitzer Prize as he did of receiving the NBA’s Community Assist Award?

In exchange for having to suffer the indignity of attending games at the Power Balance Pavilion, do fans in Sacramento deserve some sort of a guarantee that their team is going to stay put for a while?

Is limiting Marcus Thornton’s playing time- despite a 4-0 record when he plays at least 24 minutes- because of a lack commitment on defense, only to start Marco Belinelli, not really great for Monty Williams’ credibility?

Does Josh Smith seem to be falling off the shot selection wagon, with 17 3-point attempts (he’s made six) in his last six games, after attempting just seven in 2009-10 and 59 in the first 34 games of this season?

Is it absolutely crazy to think that the Cleveland Cavaliers actually won three of their first four road games this season?

Is it sad that, despite starting the season with the Bobcats, Gerald Wallace may actually be heading significantly lower on the NBA food chain than?

As much as he deserves to once again play for a contender, does Steve Nash not really fill a need for any of the NBA’s top teams?

After EVERYONE in the basketball world lined up this summer to shower him with praise, has Kevin Durant somehow managed to fly (a little bit) under the radar through the first half of this regular season?

Does it seem like Jrue Holiday puts up too many big stat lines to be averaging just 14.7 ppg and 6.6 apg?

With all the stinkers he’s put up, is it somewhat surprising to see that Evan Turner has managed to average 7.2 ppg and 4.2 rpg thus far?

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emin said...

My favorite's were the Josh Smith, Kevin Durant, and Jrue Holiday references. I think Carmelo should be in the discussion as well, but we can branch off from that discussion too much from the Nets to NY to the best deal for Melo....Favors is Denver's best option.

Josh Smith and Gerald Wallace can be absolutely deadly on a good team. Think LO but more offensively gifted. However, LO is the winner they could never be and brings the intangibles that J-Smoove and Wallace cant bring.

The Media is at all time craze now. Kobe destroyed the MVP voting a few years ago when they refused to give it to him, then were forced when it was too obvious. The last few seasons they already awarded LBJ the MVP for the season started. They did the same with KD this year and in my eyes he still is the MVP along with D-Rose, Amare, and Kobe. It seems like since KD is the perfect teammate and professional that the media doesn't want to shine light where it deserves. They want to send it to the Evil that Lurks in South Beach. Not to get too much more into this side subject, but that's why the youth is growing up with tattoos everywhere and dancing before the games and being disrespectful to the game. That is what causes attention. The Ego, the Villian, the wrong get's all the love, which is sad. There is no reason for KD to not be mentioned in the top 2 or 3 MVPs this season. KD has to do it like Timmy D. Fly under the radar, but in the end they can't deny you.

And for your local guy Jrue, you're right it seems he is BLOWING UP, but his stat line is pretty average. Well, above average.