Thursday, December 16, 2010

20 Questions From The Association - 6 Weeks in the Books

Is it just me, or…

Even though he plays west of the Mississippi for a sub-.500 team, shouldn't David Lee’s apparently career-threatening infection be a much bigger national story?

Will Joakim Noah's injury hurt the Chicago Bulls more than Carlos Boozer's did?

By some margin, is Joe Smith having the best week of any NBA player?

Given the altitude at which he play and the rough tactics used against him by Devin Harris, Andre Miller and most recently Elton Brand, should the NBA allow Blake Griffin to dish out one “message ass-kicking” without repercussions?

Are the Orlando Magic closer to being in the class of the Knicks or the Bucks than they are to that of the Lakers and the Celtics?

Should the Denver Nuggets make the deal that best suits them and tell Carmelo Anthony to deal with it?

Does watching Brandon Roy play as though he’s bolted to the floor make you profoundly sad as well?

Rather than blowing up their roster for Carmelo, should the Knicks look to build it up by bargain hunting for a pair of out-of-favor lottery talents in O.J. Mayo and Jason Thompson?

Is Manu Ginobili deserving of some serious MVP buzz?

Have the 2010-11 Sacramento Kings identified the road to respectability… and sprinted in the opposite direction?

Is the fact that there’s even a debate about whether or not Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Famer- 5 rings, 7 straight rebounding titles, 2 Defensive Player of the Year awards, 13.1 career rpg, 14.9+ rpg 6 times, 18+ twice, 15 rpg in 1997-98 at age 36, 377 15-rebound games, 156 20-rebound games, 33 25-rebound games and a 23.4% career Total Rebound Rate, all at 6’8”- patently absurd?

With his $17.3M salary set to come off the books this summer (there is an $18M team option that will certainly be declined), shouldn’t the Orlando Magic get more out of Vince Carter than 15 ppg and 4rpg?

Is it kinda crazy that the Clippers and the Timberwolves have each played just two division games?

Given the current form of the teams involved, is Monday night’s Mavericks-Heat matchup every bit as intriguing as Heat-Lakers on Christmas Day?

Is the idea that this summer J.J. Hickson was “untradeable” now beyond laughable?

Considering he’s averaged 15.7 ppg and shot 55% from the field in games in which he’s played at least 20 minutes- a whopping three of them- should Marcus Thornton have played more than 48 total minutes in the Hornets’ last eight games?

Has Deron Williams quietly opened up a considerable gap over Chris Paul in the “best point guard in the NBA” debate?

Based on the flashes he’s shown in his first nine games, by midseason, could Ed Davis give fans in Toronto a legitimate reason to be optimistic about the Raptors?

Considering how much the Miami Heat sacrificed at spots 4-12 on the roster, are they going to need more than 18-8 from the third option?

Could Rajon Rondo’s injury mark the first time in a decade that someone says, not ironically, “Man, I sure wish Stephon Marbury was here”?

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HOFRodman said...

It is absolutely absurd that there is a debate about Rodman's worthiness to be in the Hall of Fame. He is one of hte winningest players in NBA history and his rebounds statistics are better than Chamberlain, Russell or any othe rebounder you can think of.