Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20 Questions From The Association - The Opening Fortnight

Is it just me, or...

Might ESPN have jumped the gun a bit in launching the “Heat Index”?

Despite feigning indifference, were the Lakers perhaps a bit miffed (8-0, +12.5 differential) at being so egregiously overlooked this summer?

Is it kinda cool that two weeks into the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are over .500, in first place and would host the Miami Heat “if the playoffs started tomorrow”?

Lost amid their scorching 3rd quarter against Denver (54 points on 20-for-21 from the field) is the fact that the Pacers shot 55% and scored 90 points in the other three quarters?

Are Rudy Gay and Mike Conley doing an excellent job of answering their army of (myself among them) critics?

Does the 5-2 (a bit soft, but still) Warriors’ commitment to rebounding (four starters averaging 4+ rpg, ~15 orpg, Biedrins-Lee averaging 21.4 rpg and 7.3 orpg) mitigate the effects of their mediocre defense?

Is it only a matter of time before Scott Skiles attempts to strangle eight-figure albatross (38.5% FG, 11.1% 3-pt) Corey Maggette?

Is Eric Bledsoe (drafted #18 overall) more talented and NBA-ready than any non top-five pick in the 2010 draft, not to mention the chubby guy ahead of him on the depth chart?

As the leaders of a 1-7 team that’s allowing nearly 113 ppg, are Luis Scola and Kevin Martin removing any doubt as to whether or NOT they’re franchise players?

Should it have taken more than 10 games for “Chris Bosh: Superstar” to be exposed as a fraud?

Did the Suns get a screaming bargain the second Jared Dudley signed his 5yr/$22M extension?

Can Tyreke Evans get to the basket ANY. TIME. HE. WANTS.?

Is it weird to see a pair of 24+-minute teammates- the Nets’ Terrence Williams and Travis Outlaw- shooting better than 50% from behind the arc, but only in the low- to mid-40s overall?

Is Nate McMillan right about Lamar Odom being an All-Star?

Does a healthy Tyson Chandler make the Dallas Mavericks a top-three team in the West?

Is it weird that at 106.7 ppg, the San Antonio Spurs rank second in scoring among teams with a winning record?

Are the Toronto Raptors Charlotte Bobcats not as good as their 1-6 records would suggest?

In the “slightly frumpy white Tobacco Road power forward” battle in Indiana, should Tyler Hansbrough get the starting nod?

(gut feel) Should we just pencil Gary Neal in for a couple of game-winners for the Spurs this season?

Did I really shit the bed with my gloomy predictions for the Atlanta Hawks and (WOW!) the New Orleans Hornets?

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