Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everyone Look At KG!

With all due respect to one of the best players of his era, Kevin Garnett needs to get over himself!

As everyone’s no doubt heard by now, KG’s injured knee will keep him out of the 2009 Playoffs, and prevent him from being a part of Celtics’ title defense. While this is pretty disappointing for most NBA fans, it cannot be considered a surprise, given the amount of time he spent on the sideline this season and lack of clarity surrounding the severity of his injury.

However, in several previous games in which he was sidelined, Garnett wasn’t present on the Celtics’ bench, claiming his emotional state wouldn’t allow him to sit comfortably on the bench.


Ok, we get it! You’re intense! But c’mon KG, you’re better than that! Are we really expected to believe that, regardless of the stakes, an otherwise composed and articulate man is totally incapable of spending three hours in a courtside seat at an NBA game? C’mon!

And if that strange little regular season subplot wasn’t weird enough, Garnett had a curveball in store for everyone in Boston’s playoff opener. As the Celtics tipped off against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday afternoon, Kevin Garnett, in a classic display of playoff courage, put on a suit and joined his teammates on the bench… for an entire half! After spending the first half of the Celtics Game 1 loss to the Bulls on the bench, Garnett was noticeably absent in the second, despite the fact that some of his younger teammates, namely Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis, reportedly would have preferred that he be there. He is so awesome! That’s SO intense!

So let me get this straight- Kevin Garnett, drowning in his uncontrollable intensity, is such a great team guy that, in a game in which he unable to participate, he’s unwilling to grant his presence and moral support to his own less experienced teammates who are attempting to fill the void left by his absence?

Get a grip, KG! I realize you’re bummed, and it can’t be easy watching your team struggle and being unable to help, but are you really incapable of just sitting there? I realize that your intensity frequently intoxicates you, but perhaps, if only on occasion, you could act like a functional almost-33 year old wealthy husband and father?

Or, maybe there’s something else….

After spending more than a decade in mid-market Minneapolis, where his Timberwolves were a distant third in the city’s heart, behind the Viking and the Twins, Garnett really seems to really be enjoying the relevance that comes with being a superstar and a champion in the city of Boston. But it’s really hard to stay relevant in a suit on the bench.

Way to go KG- it’s still all about you!

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