Tuesday, January 6, 2009

20 Questions from the Association- New Year’s Edition

Is it just me, or…

Is it kinda sad that the Los Angeles Lakers have more victories (27) than the other three California teams combined (26)?

Thanks to Chauncey Billups, is Kenyon Martin’s massive contract no longer a “total catastrophe”, weighing in now at just “slightly absurd”?

Is it pretty cool that, despite their subpar records, just 6.5 games separate the Eastern Conference’s #6 team and its #14 team?

Will the remainder of January (home games v. Celtics and Hornets, road games v. Lakers, Blazers, Jazz and Magic), without Zydrunas Ilgauskas, going to tell us a lot about the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Has it gotten slightly ridiculous hearing how the Houston Rockets are title contenders "if they can stay healthy”? Face it, they can’t!

Did Paul Gasol produce the greatest-ever open-court play by a seven-footer?

Is this type of box score becoming all to commonplace in Boston?

Just over 30 games into his pro career, does O.J. Mayo already have the look of a veteran NBA star?

Does the Clippers’ $66 million commitment to Zach Randolph, Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby for this season and next seem a bit steep?

Does the San Antonio Spurs’ trio of stars look like it will carry them further than the Big Three will carry the Celtics?

With his awesome combination of size, speed and skill, is Danny Granger quietly on his way to becoming a top-10 player?

Will the teams fighting to acquire Shawn Marion’s expiring $17.8 million contract before the NBA trade deadline be disappointed to learn that they have to actually take Shawn Marion the basketball player as well?

Would Nick Collison be a perfect (not to mention perfectly affordable) fit on practically any contending team?

Is Greg Oden looking more and more comfortable in the NBA (even if his numbers don’t show it yet)?

Do Chicago Bulls’ fans probably get nauseous at the sight of Joakim Noah, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas?

Is Trevor Ariza deserving of some serious 6th Man of the Year consideration?

Does getting Boris Diaw to play hard and produce in a non-contract year, despite the Bobcats’ terrible record, reestablish Larry Brown as a top-tier coach?

Are there more than a few teams that could benefit from acquiring a productive, veteran point guard with an expiring $10 million contract?

With a much-improved defense and a now-healthy Michael Redd, do the Milwaukee Bucks, now #8 in the East, look like a team on the rise and a potential sleeper down the stretch?

As bad as Elton Brand’s contract already looks, how much more will the Philadelphia 76ers regret it when it’s time to give Thaddeus Young an extension?

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