Thursday, December 11, 2008

20 Questions from the Association

Is it just me, or…

Is Devin Harris developing into as devastating an offensive force as a young Allen Iverson?

In their frantic rush to clear 2010 cap space (which they’ve done), have the Knicks actually… improved?

Had you also forgotten that Dwyane Wade is not just great, but "from another planet" great?

Has LaMarcus Aldridge become completely unguardable on the pick and roll- especially when he pops to the baseline?

Are the Houston Rockets poised to be this year’s big first-round playoff upset victim?

Is the idea that Detroit Pistons, as presently constructed, are serious title contenders slightly absurd?

Is LeBron James as good as any player has been, at any point in NBA history?

Has Brandon Roy quietly established him self as a top-8 player in the NBA, not to mention taking the title of “most trustworthy with the ball”?

With the effect he’s had on the Denver Nuggets since his arrival (and his effect on the Pistons since his departure), has Chauncey Billups re-established himself as a top-5 point guard?

Is the “Race for the Summer of 2010” becoming a bigger distraction that any off-court NBA story in years?

Will the February 4 Chris Paul-Derrick Rose match-up in New Orleans make us forget the Chris Paul-Deron Williams debate?

Despite their terrible record, are the Washington Wizards not exactly counting the seconds until Gilbert Arenas’ return?

By developing into a solid, versatile big man, is Spencer Hawes ready to laugh in the face of his tremendous BWS (Big White Stiff) potential?

Do the Philadelphia 76ers really wish they could trade Elton Brand and get their cap space back?

Is it kind of sad watching people pretending the Dallas Mavericks are still contenders in the West?

Were the Charlotte Bobcats actually a better franchise in days leading up to their expansion draft?

Does it look not only possible, but likely, that the Atlanta Hawks will finish the regular season with a better record than the Detroit Pistons?

Is it really sad that Danny Granger probably won’t be on a decent team until he’s 30 years-old?

Is Kevin Durant coming eerily close to becoming the next Shareef Adbur-Rahim?

Does Brandon Roy seem like he’s as good as he’s ever going to be? But he’ll be this good for the next 12 years?

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