Thursday, November 6, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

In the midst of my most enjoyable period of writing (not necessarily as enjoyable in other aspects), “life happens”, taking a majority of my attention and energy with it, leading to, for one reason or another, a self-imposed sabbatical from my favorite pastime. Why did I bail? I ask myself all the time. My disappearance from the amateur sportswriting scene was as inconspicuous as my entrance, but it was not the lack of a “fan base” that drove me away. Frankly, I never wanted to leave, but the longer I was away, the harder it became to return. Lack of “inspiration”? Kind of (and this gets worse with each passing day!); Intimidated by the perceived need to “make up for lost time”? For sure. Embarrassed? Maybe a bit; The reality is that I tripped over all three of these psychological stumbling blocks.

Now, the itch is back. I’ve done the introspection thing, and it’s time to come back! Seriously, many individuals I love to write about have faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles and fought their way back onto the floor. I may not have millions of dollars at stake, but this is what I do! This is how I love to spend my time! It’s too early to drop the MJ “I’m back” proclamation, but I’m at least back in the game! I want that feeling back! The feeling of staring at a blank sheet, and envisioning the possibilities, putting my thoughts together and making it into so much more! I have derived so much pleasure from the NBA (and the Lakers), and have devoted so much of myself to them through the years, that I would be cheating myself if I didn’t dig a little bit deeper. Sure, the timing is awkward. I would really have preferred to kick off my comeback with previews written before the season actually began, and post my idle thoughts from the first week. So that didn’t play out, but I’m here now. Following a self-imposed early-season suspension, I kick off my season. There will be rust, just as there will be moments when it’ll flow like it did at the best of times. My goal? Just like the guys on the floor, to eliminate the first, and maximize the second.

There it is! I hate writing about myself, and promise (to both you as well as myself), not to make a habit of it. You’re not here for a play-by-play of my life, and me, well, I already lived it- no sense coming back for reruns!

All right, break’s over! Time to tip this thing off…

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