Monday, April 28, 2008

Josh Howard- Worst Dude Ever!

The most shameful moment of the NBA Playoffs thus far got has to be Mike Tirico’s senseless monologue on Josh Howard’s use of marijuana in the offseason. This garbage went on for most of the 1st quarter of Game 3! It got so awkward after a while that I was starting to genuinely feel bad for Tirico, whose inability to drop the subject quickly reached “train wreck” status. To his credit, Hubie Brown, who was the color commentator for the game, said nothing during the pathetic diatribe.

Now, I don’t know Josh Howard and don’t know what exactly he likes to do when he’s hanging out on his own time (please, read those last four words again), but if he’s like most NBA players we hear about, or most 27 year-old guys I know, I bet watching TV and playing video games takes up at least a little bit of his time. Now, toss in the fact that he makes $9+ million a year, and I bet his home entertainment system leaves little to be desired. Given this, it might be possible that Howard and his buddies might like to share a joint or two (really, is it worse than a few cocktails?) while playing video games on a 60” flat screen with what I’m sure is a ridiculous home theater system. Hell, I wish he’d invite me over! If these are the circumstances surrounding Josh Howard’s “appalling drug use”, then the league should just leave him alone. If he’s with friends in his own home, who are they hurting? Seriously, who are they hurting? Answer me! You, on the left- who are they hurting?

But, you know, I guess the NBA does have a point. It really is a shame that Josh Howard can’t emulate the fantastic role models of the NBA’s past, one of whom I hear will be filming a new commercial in the near future, themed “Be Legendary- always split Aces and Eights”.