Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nash is an All-Time Great

On March 14 in Dallas, in one of the great regular season games in recent memory, Steve Nash virtually ensured himself a third straight MVP award. In doing so, he will not only join Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Larry Bird, three of the greatest players in NBA history, as the only players to win three consecutive MVP awards, he will join them as one of the NBA's all-time greats.

As great as he is statistically, Nash's true greatness shines through in the way he plays the game. He dictates the pace of the game better than any point guard since Magic Johnson and, like Magic, Nash runs the point like he's looking down on the floor from above. Several times in each game he makes passes from near-impossible angles, and he makes them look easy.

Another all-time great trait that Steve Nash possesses is the fact that he simply does not miss big shots. He starts out every game looking to get his teammates, any teammate who's open, easy shots. And as long as the game is going well for Phoenix, his approach doesn't change. But any time a team makes a run against the Suns, Nash is always there to take over. Whenever he feels control of the game getting away from the Suns, his demeanor changes, he looks more like Kobe than Magic. He seems to make every single shot he puts up, single-handedly keeping Phoenix afloat until his teammates get back on track. Late in games when the Suns need a shot, like they did in Dallas, Nash is there to save the day. It's absolutely shocking any time he misses a big shot. That he missed his first open look at the game-tying three pointer was a surprise, but it only served to guarantee that he'd drain his second attempt off of Shawn Marion's rebound and feed.

His numbers already have in elite company, but it's only by watching him that it becomes obvious that Steve Nash is more than an All-Star; more than an MVP. Steve Nash is truly one of the greatest players in NBA history.

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