Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Is there anything sadder in basketball than Shaun Livingston's NBA career?

In addition to being one of more gruesome NBA injuries ever caught on film, the Clippers' Shaun Livingston tearing three ligaments and dislocating his knee is a basketball tragedy. It's not a loss because a loss is quantifiable. The NBA has no idea what it's losing because we've still only seen flashes of how brilliant Livingston can be. Shaun Livingston is special. At his best Livingston is a mix of Scottie Pippen and Steve Nash, seeming to float when he runs the floor and making passes that very few players in NBA history have been able to make. This injury may be treated nationally like any other serious injury because not many fans have watched enough of the Clippers' games to know what the league has lost. Livingston is always a threat to make the kind of play that leaves you with your mouth open, bursting into spontaneous laughter. This sucks. This is such a shame.

Whether they know it or not, all fans of the NBA are hoping Shaun Livingston returns to 100%. There is so much of his game left to see. The NBA dodged one bullet with Amare Stoudemire's return to form after microfracture surgery. Hopefully Livingston has Amare on speed dial, because he needs to do just what Stoudemire did. At just 21, he still has time.

There's just so much more to see.

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