Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mavs On Another Level

The best team in the NBA? The Dallas Mavericks. No question. The Phoenix Suns, who are beautiful to watch, play better defense than they get credit for and have an all-time great point guard, but the Dallas Mavericks are possessed. They are on a mission, consumed with winning the championship that they feel they gave away last June. The Mavericks do not play many "big games" this season, because their games are not about their opponent. This team is all about demolishing every single team they face, for as long as it takes, until they win the last game of the NBA season in June.

Why will the Mavs get by the Suns and the San Antonio Spurs?
  • Depth- When healthy, the Mavericks can legitimately go TEN players deep! They have the league's best starting five with Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Devin Harris and Erick Dampier. Harris the Mavs' #4 starter, would be STAR on practically any other team. He's a true point guard who's capable of playing like Allen Iverson! Now throw in a bench that features the offense of Jerry Stackhouse, the ouside shooting of Austin Croshere and the defense of DeSagana Diop, Greg Buckner and Devean George. This team is loaded!
  • Focus- The Mavericks never believe that they are out of a game. It's shows every time they play. They have lapses and occasionally habe stretches when they get outscored by eight or ten points, but they never seem out of control. They are methodical and systematic in stopping their opponent's run with their defense and, before you know it, they've put the game away. When the Mavs get a lead, they methodically and systemically add to it until they've squeezed the fight out of their opposition. This team has its eyes on the prize.
  • Desire- This team does not care who it plays. There is only one goal for the Mavericks and they cannot reach that until June. The Mavs are using all of their games until then to show the league just how good they are. Despite the numerous national television appearances against the NBA's best, The Dallas Mavericks do not give the impression that they have any "big games" this regular season. Regardless of who they are playing, they are out to dismantle every team that is put in their way. The Mavs are serving notice to the NBA. Their message is simple:
The Dallas Mavericks are the best team in the NBA.

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